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What is happening with Trump's Impeachment

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

by Members of the Press Club on January 31, 2020


President Trump has been in office since 2016 and was recently impeached for withholding aid from Ukraine and pressuring them to investigate Joe Biden. Trump had a phone call with Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in July, pushing them to investigate Joe Biden because he allegedly says that Biden abused power when he was vice president for Obama. The problem with this is that Joe Biden is currently running for the election of 2020 which means he is a rival for Trump's presidency. By Trump trying to get information against BIden it makes him guilty of influencing an election.

//What does Impeachment mean//

Impeachment means when the senate and the house of representatives vote to get him out of office. First, it's the house representatives that voted for the 3 impeachment articles and then sends them to the senate. If the house of representatives has enough votes for impeachment then they send it to the senate. After all the process of house representatives then they send them to the Senate for the trial. The Senate has a “Fair Trial” and then votes to get him out of the office and can't run for a second term.

//What’s next? //

Next, the Senate will have a “fair trial”. If they vote to impeach him officially then he would be out of the office and can't run for president for a second term. The other way that it can go is he can be impeached but if the Senate doesn't have enough votes then he stays in office. Then, leads to him running for a second term. Leading him to be racist and keeping the corrupt society that we have.

// Flow Chart// *Right now we are in the process of a “Fair Trial”*

Source: abc news

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