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The Need for Resources in OUSD

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

By: Alexis Ayala-Alvarado on March 6th 2020

Source: Education Crisis

“Keen, the OEA site representative...pointed out that there are only 21 nurses for 37,000”(Ann Coleman). Public schools do not receive enough resources to kids that are basic needs to schools. Many unions of teachers went on strike in 2019 around the country for not having access to simple resources in public schools, such as counselors, nurses, and fewer students in classrooms.

I experienced the strike first hand, being a part of the picket line throughout the entirety of the strike because I believe that as a student, that has been in school for eleven years, much more resources are needed to have students succeed in life and have the opportunity like more affluent students. Having fewer students in classrooms will lead to a better education because there will be fewer kids to manage and allow more time to support and get to know their students. In order to keep their money to themselves, admin in the Oakland Unified School District offices earn salaries much more than a teacher. The district wants the money and not on the teachers because of inequality in education. Instead of using that money for resources, they OUSD admin more. This reveals that OUSD supports the rich side and not the black and brown communities.

For these reasons I joined the strike with my teachers at Lockwood campus because I have seen how little resources we have had throughout my elementary school, middle school, and up today also in high school. While having less or some not having the same resources because of race and how most schools in the hills will have more resources than schools in the flatlands because of funding in California and giving money to high-class schools and not the black and brown communities.

In the article “Oakland Teachers Are Fighting For The Future'' by Ann Coleman, a journalist said, “With strike solidarity schools organized by parents, churches and community members running at full steam, the number of students, parents, and staff who are crossing teachers’ picket lines to attend school is well below 10 percent, with many schools reporting only 1 to 3 percent attendance.” This showed huge support by any community member by knowing our district is corrupt and needs to fix all problems in our black and brown communities by giving the students the basic resources in schools. Overall, I believe OUSD needs to fix all the current problems so students have the required resources to succeed in life and make school a more enjoyable experience overall. By not having basic needs in society and California neglecting to fix the various impactful problems. This might lead future generations to fight back against the rich, charter schools, and against those who are against public education. As a whole, teachers, and students would need to fight back with protest, strikes, and using our voices to fight back.

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